Digital Leadership + Digital Communication = Digital QUALITY

The three cross-functional disciplines APPLIED Quality, Leadership & Communication (QLC) are inextricably linked. They require each other and also result from each other - into an exiting togetherness.

emilQ®EXCELLENCE brings all three together - by consulting, via lectures/keynotes and gathered in a comprehensive QLC Degree Programm with a graduation as PRACTITIONER, MASTER, BLACK MASTER oder LECTURER (with QLC teaching license).

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QLC DEGREE PROGRAMME - triple blended learning

QLC DEGREE PROGRAMME - triple blended learning
QLC - from employee to Blackmaster

Applied Quality, Leadership & Communication (QLC) in TRIPLE-BLENDED mode (Classroom Training + project-on-the-job + digital learning & skill sharing). The innovation bundle for increasing success in your business life.

QLC Checkup

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APPLIED Quality, Leadership & Communication (QLC) are success factors. Check your basic skills now for free!

emilQ DAILY® - your digital DAILY business

Skill sharing portal & execution software (Saas)

emilQ DAILY® stands for modern skill sharing & execution - as a web portal Saas (Software-as-a-service) for Business, Education and Authors.

Quality 5.0 - digital, global and accessible for all

RADIOINTERVIEW with Georg E. Weidner

BOOK TRAILER (DE) - digital quality




We explain and illustrate the disciplines Quality, Leadership & Communication (QLC) and their interplay during business application.



We promote Quality, Leadership & Communication (QLC) to take center stage.



Project results, as just as good as the way, which leads there. We support you on your way.

...explained in 60 seconds and life-long alive. our century applied DIGITALLY.

Quality doesn't know any physical barriers, as quality is never compromising. Quality unites customers with suppliers, unites branches, unites cultures and people from all colors, because all of us have something in common: We LOVE QUALITY!

Qualität unites the past with the present and it is especially the foundation for our future.

Through a consistent APPLICATION of digitally supported quality, paired with appropriate leadership and communication across all fields of business and processes, we create attractive products and services to meet our customers' expectiations and expectations - and even beyond.

In other words, QUALITY equals COMPLIANCE. And thus a thorough integration of Quality, Leadership & Communication in our DAILY business is a key factor for business success.

For details in terms of our QLC Services or the QLC Degree Programme please refer to our customer service team. It is always ready to assist you from Monday to Friday between the hours of 07:00 a.m. - 07:00 p.m. by phone +49 89 899 884 - 84 or anytime via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Georg E. Weidner (CEO)